Carpet Cleaning

Every facility deserves clean carpets

Midwest Floor Restore provides exceptional carpet cleaning services to leave carpets clean like the day they were installed. In order to provide our customers with the best solutions for carpet cleaning, we offer two methods: encapsulation and extraction. Give us a call to learn which is right for you.


Our encapsulation cleaning method is very efficient and effective. This method assists in preventing too much moisture and detergent from being introduced into your carpet while neutralizing soils and residues that are attached to your carpet fiber. In addition, our solution prevents soils from easily attaching to the carpet fiber and acts as a soil barrier.

On carpet cleaned with typical cleaning chemicals, dirt attaches to sticky residue and is not removed when vacuumed.

In general carpet cleaning chemicals incorporate detergents to remove soils. These detergents are, by design, sticky so they can attract dirt. They have an affinity for greasy soil, surrounding it to separate it from the carpet fiber. This can be troublesome if extraction is not thoroughly accomplished. The end result can be a dirt trap that continues to grab soils and make your carpet dirtier than before the cleaning. This is referred to as “rapid resoiling”, the result of cleaned carpet getting dirty faster than carpet with no residue. Vacuuming removes loose soil, but will not remove dirt attached to sticky residue.

Dirt does not stick to crystalline residue left behind on carpet cleaned with encapsulating cleaning chemicals.

Our encapsulation cleaning chemicals work using crystalline polymers along with a compatible detergent. After the detergent has attracted and surrounded the greasy soil, the polymers “encapsulate” both the detergent and soil. As this encapsulated soil dries, it crystallizes into a dry (not sticky) residue. The remaining dry soil is then removed by your regular vacuuming resulting in cleaner fresher carpet in your facility.


Traditional carpet extractors can leave behind excessive moisture during the extraction process that generates mold and mildew, damages carpet, and takes longer to dry. We utilize a patented moisture-controlled technology that reduces health and safety issues and the development of mold, bacteria and allergens in carpets to provide improved indoor air quality. This results in fewer complications from allergy and asthma for building occupants. Our exclusive Envirochemicals reduce the impact of the use of harsh chemicals in your facility during the cleaning process, creating a safer and healthier indoor setting.

We use extractors from a revolutionary manufacturer that designs eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high-performance specialty tools with innovative patented technology that is radically different from other cleaning systems. This technology provides superior moisture-controlled cleaning, faster dry times and increased cleaning productivity that is unmatched by standard carpet extractors on the market today.

The Midwest Floor Restore Extraction Advantage
• Clean carpeting, upholstery, and even fabric partitions better than conventional extractors
• Deliver faster drying times so your space is clean, dry, and ready for immediate use
• Improve the health of your building and its occupants
• Minimize the development of mold, fungus, and allergens in carpets for improved indoor air quality
• Recover up to 50% more than traditional extractor tools and wands

Not sure which carpet cleaning method is right for you?